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Overdrive Auto - Tune-Up

  • When your car is properly tuned, the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and computer system are all working together.

    Overdrive Auto - Tune-Up

    This results in peak combustion chamber efficiency, saving you money at the gas pump and making sure your car is emitting a minimum amount of pollutants.

    Many people assume a tune up will solve a drivability problem. That’s not always the case. Our experts at Overdrive Auto we perform a tune up verification to confirm that your car will benefit from a tune up. Your problem may be unrelated to a tune up and may need an engine diagnosis.

    What does a Tune-Up Include?

    • Tune-Up Verification
    • Replacement of Spark Plugs
    • Analysis of Emission Levels
    • Timing/Idle Speed Adjustment (If Adjustable)
    • Complete Maintenance Inspection

    Call or visit Overdrive Auto today and have your vehicle running as efficiently as possible!

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